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Sui Ava is a brand of quality and affordable fashion jewellery and accessories in feminine designs.
Our jewellery and accessories, featuring whimsical and colourful details, are designed from the heart with plenty of personality. They sparkle with joy, courage and positive energy – like an optimistic ray of sun on a grey and rainy day.

As a single mum to two bundles of energy and driven by a cheerful curiosity and love of life, I am always powering ahead. With my daughters, Sui and Ava, by my side, I’m not afraid to take chances. Which is why I quit my full-time job in 2017 to pursue my dream and establish the jewellery and accessories brand
Sui Ava – named after my two greatest sources of inspiration.

With more than 15 years of passionate experience from the fashion industry, I have a natural sense of style, creative mind and eye for trends. Sui Ava therefore offers collections that follow the changing seasons of fashion and trends as well as designs that are more timeless and classic.

And while it is what’s inside that counts, beautiful packaging completes the joy of new jewellery.
All designs from Sui Ava are therefore delivered like surprising little treasures in delicate and playful jewellery boxes.

Sui Ava is my dream, and with you it comes true …


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